mDolphin is a full-featured WEB/WAP browser, which is developed based on the open source browser core WebKit and uses MiniGUI as its underlying graphics support system. mDolphin can be used in feature phone, smart phone, Mobile Internet Device (MID), video telephone, IPTV and other product. mDolphin conforms with the latest WWW standards and specifications, like HTML 5, CSS 3, and so on. At the same time, mDolphin provides you a smooth and comfortable Internet surfing experience like browsers running on PC Windows.


Main Features of mDolphin

mDolphin V3.0 updates to the latest Webkit, provides the following characteristics:

  1. Significantly improved the overall performance, taking the latest Webkit as the kernel;
  2. Enhanced support for Unicode coding;
  3. Optimized the function of web page automatic coding and selecting;
  4. Support for the timely compiler function based on multiple platforms, such as x86, ARM, and MIPS, greatly improves the running speed of JavaScript;
  5. Support for customization of FTP show templates;
  6. Full support for the commonly used library of JavaScript,such as jquery, and so on.

As a result of adopting the latest WebKit as the browser core engine, mDolphin V3.0 provides full support for popular W3C standards/specifications:

  1. Support for the popular W3C standards: HTML 5/4.01, XHTML 1.0, XML, CSS2 and parts of CSS3, XSLT, DOM2 and parts of DOM3, XPATH and JavaScript 1.5.
  2. Support for HTTP 1.1, HTTPS, Cookie and Proxy.
  3. Support for AJAX.

Based-on MiniGUI, mDolphin provides the following particular features:

  1. Support for three rendering modes to meet your needs of the different screen sizes (only supported by mDolphin 2.0 or later).
  2. Support for multiple character sets and encodings by using UNICODE kernel;
  3. Support for bidirectional layout.
  4. Support for Linux/uClinux, VxWorks, eCos and other operating systems.
  5. Plug-in interface. You can develop your plug-ins to support Flash, Multimedia, and so on.
  6. JavaScript native binding. You can customize JavaScript object and its interface, which will connect web pages with native function together.
  7. Protocol extension. You can customize the interface with the support on special protocol, thus easily expand browser support for the protocol.
  8. Support for customization of user interface. You can customize the user interface of browser according to your own requirements.

mDolphin can be used in Mobile Internet Device (MID), smart phone, video telephone, IPTV and other product, and it will provide you the PC browser-like Internet surfing experience.


mDolphin architecture

As shown in the architecture figure below, the main modules of mDolphin are depicted as follows:

  • Applications Using Browser Engine. Application of the upper layer and the user interface is completely independent of the browser engine, which means that users can easily expand or modify the upper application in order to meet your special requirements.
  • Browser Engine. The module is implemented based on WebKit, it provides the following basic features: 
    1. Parsing and rendering HTML/XML. 
    2. Parsing and controlling JavaScript. 
    3. Managing browser settings. 
    4. Managing navigation history. 
    5. Loading content from the Web server. 
    6. Parsing and generating the layout. 
    7. Getting messages from the UI. 
    8. Rendering text and images. 
    9. Managing the Browser Control API. 
    10. Managing Netscape plug-in API and mDolphin kernel communication.
  • Network Interface .The module handles network protocol, send requests and receive responses between the browser engine and the network server.
  • Graphics, POSIX and OS. The module provides the basic networking, graphics support interface and thread support interface for mDolphin.

mDolphin Home Release

mDolphin Home Release is FMSoft’s unique embedded browser version specially developed for intelligent home (eHome) devices. mDolphin Home Release is fit for eHome devices such as Video Phones, Access Control Systems, and Digital Photo Frames, which features large display resolution and touch panel. It has a user-friendly interface, and runs fast and stably.

By using mDolphin Home Release in an eHome device, you will be pleased to find that the device provides you the PC-like browser experience and will promote the integration of smart home terminals, Internet, entertainment and many other industries.

Main Features of mDolphin Home Release
  • mDolphin Home Release supports typical display resolutions used in eHome device, such as 480x272 (or 480x240), 800x480 (or 800x600).
  • mDolphin Home Release provides the English and Chinese soft keyboard input method.
    The user can input characters by touching the screen. A predictive text input method also provided.
  • The default home page of mDolphin Home Release gives the user a collection of fine-classified hyper-links to the famous web sites, such as news, search engines, forums, webmails, and so on. In this way, the user can visit frequently used web sites easily without inputting the long URLs. 


  • Managing multiple web pages at the same time.


mDolphin Home Release Demo Vedio

mDolphin TV Releasese

mDolphin TV Release is customized for smart TV market. It is a full-featured embedded Web browser and provides support for TV display with high resolution and remote controller. It will be the killer application of network TV, DTV, IPTV, HDD player, and other comsumer devices. Based on MiniGUI 3.0, mDolphin TV Release gives the user a glaring GUI and a very easy user experience.

Main Features of mDolphin TV Release

  • Support high display resolution, such as: 1280x720 and/or 1920x1080
  • Support input method with remote controller. By using 0-9 numeric keypad and control keys, you can input Chinese, English, numbers, punctuation characters.
  • Special UI effects. The special UI effects give the user a very easy experience. mDolphin TV Release implements many special UI effects, such as sliding, roller, pan, fade, zoom, and so on.


  • Support one key search function. You can bind the specified search engine, such as Google, Bing etc.
  • Support common site navigation, including common portal sites, news web sites etc. 
  • Support one key for your favorite sites.
    Just press one key of remote control, the page site that you are browsing will be saved in the favorite folder. After that, you can continue browse the page from the favorite folder. The roller effect is used in the favorite folder.
  • Extend to support web widget application.

Recommended Hardware Environment

  • CPU: 400MHz or above, with FPU and 2D graphics hardware acceleration.
  • RAM: 128M or above
  • ROM: 64M or above
  • OS: Linux 2.6